APR 26 2019

Connecting with Colleagues the CoWorking Way


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Connecting with Colleagues the CoWorking Way

Joining a new place of work can be mentally tasking more than physically, because of our inherent fears of not fitting in or hitting it off with the new colleagues. But joining a coworking space for the first time is even more terrifying. The simple reason being that in case of normal offices, people might be working in different departments but for the same organization encountering the same clients and schedule so they have a lot in common, which is not the case for a coworking space. In a diverse coworking space it is even more difficult to gel with due to the diverse background of the floor. But that’s the entire point of a coworking space, NETWORKING. But how do you go about it? We give you some tried and tested tips to follow:-


A coffee conversation

People are usually apprehensive of being the first one to strike a conversation, but that is exactly the thing to do. Unless you are Zuckerberg, wherever you go, you will not have people drooling to shake hands with you. But worry not, all you have to do is find someone you want to know more about or a product or organization which fascinates you and proceed to converse. It can be a simple chat at their work space or even entail a coffee break. Talking with others will help you gain a better view of what others are up to and the benefits don’t stop there, you can share your ideas, ask them for a third person’s perspective for your problems or even better, you can use their network if you need to. Conversation is the best start you can give to your stint at a coworking space.


Attend Events hosted by Colleagues

A coworking space is not your conventional working place and hence it differs itself from the same with a few unique characteristics, basic of which is events hosted within the coworking premises by its various occupants. For different companies/organizations and people working in different fields, an event in a coworking space is the right forum to not only socialize but also gain knowledge. With people from different backgrounds hosting different kinds of events, it is not possible to attend all the events but it is advisable indeed to attend the maximum you can without hampering your work depending upon your interest. Attending an event has helped a lot of people learn about different topics and fields they had no idea about earlier. Coworking space events can be termed as the Group Study equivalent for students, only here there are professionals discussing their businesses, ideas or vision.


Knowledge Trade

In a coworking space due to the diverse nature of the workplace, there are bound to be people from almost all backgrounds, be it marketing or accounts or HR. For startups and micro organizations functioning in a bootstrapped way, it is impossible and unnecessary to hire people from all spheres because not everything is needed every time. But there might come times when you need a help in a certain field about which you have no idea about, this is where coworking colleagues come into play.  You can trade your knowledge for theirs or take their help now and be of assistance at a later time when they need it. Known by the ancient man as barter system, this system of knowledge trade ensures that you are taking advice from someone who has worked in that field or at least has an idea about the working of the same.


Make your events interesting

There will come a time when you have to host an event where others come in and take part. Now the thing to keep in mind is while initially people attend all the events they can, they slowly tend to stick with only the ones which spike their interest and where they get to learn something new. Expert tip for curating your own event is to make sure it is interesting. Keep yourself at the audience’s place and imagine what you would react to something like that. This gives a better insight into the content from an impartial perspective and can help you greatly in making sure your events are termed as one of the most interesting ones. But it is not always about the content which makes an event interesting, sometimes the promotional materials can also have a bigger effect. Both content and promotional materials need to be in sync with each other for people to want to flock to your events in large numbers.