OCT 22 2019



The whole of human evolution involves community building, from the discovery of fire to optical wires. A community is formed when a set of individuals come together with a common ground of thought, need, belief, creativity etc. If we retrospect and simplify all the movements, civilizations or even religions, they all started with a small set of people working towards or rather, agreeing upon a similar platform or idea to be specific.

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SEP 19 2019

Good Boss vs Bad Boss

TAGS : Leadership , teamwork

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AUG 29 2019

Work from Community Option

TAGS : WFH, WorkFromHome, Work, Home, Play, hustle

If you are a freelancer or someone who likes working in a calm environment rather than the hustle bustle of a normal corporate office, then you sure are not alien to the concept of Work From Home. As comforting as it sounds, the pace, attention span and the quality does go for a toss sometimes and might be out of no fault of your own. But what if you could work in a space where you would be left to yourself when you wanted and can network with others when you want or just have a good time within the space? Sounds disinteresting? Well rest assured, our Commune Coworks Community makes it interesting enough. But why should you choose to work from a Community rather than on your own?

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