MAY 13 2019

Small Teams, Big Dreams

TAGS : small team, vision, dreams, entrepreneur

Any large scale company today started off as something small in the past, Apple, Google, Dell, Amazon and many others in fact started off from a garage with a small team. Looking at where they are today, it can be said safely that it does not matter how small your team is or your situations limitations are, all you need is a zeal to shine and will to thrive. But these are only some of the teams which made it big and make for a case of success story but there have been even more teams which have not.

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APR 26 2019

Transitioning from WFH to a CoWorking Space

TAGS : Freelancer, Work From Home, WFH, Coworks

Since time immemorial, there have been freelancers, who can help you with the use of their skills and are free to work as they please. But since they are individual entities, they are mostly either working from home or from helpful cafes with free internet. But with the advent of coworking spaces, this scenario can change positively for the freelancers, who can now have their own office for a day or monthly cabins for bigger teams etc. However, it’s easier said than done. Being a freelancer comes with its own set of freedom and breaking from this norm is quite difficult for the best of us. However it is not something impossible and despite being someone who is working from Home or cafes, you can very well maintain a working desk in a coworking space

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APR 26 2019

Connecting with Colleagues the CoWorking Way

TAGS : Coworks, Connecting, Networking

Joining a new place of work can be mentally tasking more than physically, because of our inherent fears of not fitting in or hitting it off with the new colleagues. But joining a coworking space for the first time is even more terrifying. The simple reason being that in case of normal offices, people might be working in different departments but for the same organization encountering the same clients and schedule so they have a lot in common, which is not the case for a coworking space. In a diverse coworking space it is even more difficult to gel with due to the diverse background of the floor. But that’s the entire point of a coworking space, NETWORKING

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MAR 14 2019

Handling Stress the Freelancer Way

TAGS : Freelancing, Freelancers, stressfree, stress

Fun at work is a unique concept, the definitions of which vary from person to person just like their fingerprints. Some people prefer to grind through the day finishing their work by evening while others prefer working late nights given the calm and silence. Similarly there are many people who prefer not sticking to one office/project/assignment/employer and hence they choose to go freelance. Freelancers as we call them, usually prefer working on their own terms and hence have taken the bold step of treading their career along the risky but now popular freelance pathway. But being a freelancer is no walk in the park and it comes with its own set of troubles and tensions as well. If you are a freelancer who has never felt the pressure, irritation, frustration during your work, then you should apply for a Guinness World Record because it is a feat in itself. However if you are a normal freelancer with the problems mentioned, then read on to find out how to change all that

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