JAN 20 2017

5 Ways Coworking Helps You Loosen Up

Kamakshi Kamath

TAGS : coworking

5 Ways Coworking Helps You Loosen Up

Coworking might just be the answer to your woes. Here’s how it helps you loosen up:

#1: You have lesser things to worry about


A coworking space is readymade. You don’t have to worry about furniture, stationery, wifi, basic supplies or even a cup of coffee! So you can quit worrying about sorting out the most trivial things and focus on nothing but your business. And the lesser the number of things you have to keep in mind, the lesser the stress. As a matter of fact, coworking spaces are even packed with things that you didn’t even know you needed! You’ll have lots to be thankful for.


 #2: Flexibility becomes a piece of cake


At a coworking spot, you share your space and resources with a wide variety of people. And when there are different people involved, adjustments and changes are bound to happen. It’s only natural, right? And as you get used to this style of work, you tend to become less stressed and more flexible – a trait that will help you massively in your journey as a startup and of course, in your personal life too!

#3: Your social skills will see a turnaround




Whether you’re an enthusiastic social butterfly or a reserved introvert, you get to meet a number of people in a coworking space – people who may or may not be like you. The stress of trying to involve yourself in social interactions thus becomes a lot lesser. You will observe and learn to embrace a variety of working styles and behavior, and you will no longer have to stress out and struggle if you see something different. In that sense, you evolve as both a person and a professional.

#4: You move around more




Coworking means more activity and mobility. It’s perfect for the digital nomad – you’re not glued to your desk! And you know what it means when you move around more – you stress a lot lesser. The ambience in every corner of a coworking space is designed to be soothing. So wherever you go, there’s nothing to complain about. Moving around in such environments makes you less rigid and a lot more relaxed.

#5: Your work-life balance is restored




While at a coworking space, you are sure to focus only on your business and on networking. With all the other stress factors removed, your work goes on a lot more smoothly and gets finished quickly. That means you have more time for life outside of work, and stress levels will see a huge dip when you balance your professional and personal life. Isn’t that just perfect?

So, what are you waiting for? Shake off that stress by moving into a coworking space!