JUN 06 2017

Working in Bengaluru in 2017

Aditya Murali

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Working in Bengaluru in 2017

Bengaluru is one of the most dynamic cities in the world. Its growth has been astounding, with relatively unknown places like Whitefield and HSR becoming major industrial and residential hubs in a decade's time. Hence, life in the city is constantly evolving and changing.

However, there is a pattern to this chaos.


Bengaluru has attracted professionals from across a spectrum of fields and professions. Music, arts, education, advertising, architecture, pharma and much more have come to create their own special mark on the city.

Such a diverse ecosystem may be the reason why Bengaluru also acquired its most recent title of "Startup Capital" and attracted entrepreneurs to birth their dreams here. The eclectic mix of people is one of the best in the world, where you could walk into a coffee shop or a pub, and walk out with at least three new business contacts.

How is it to work in Bengaluru?

For starters, it is quite liberal compared to other cities. Bengaluru has always kept up with international lifestyle trends. Concepts like freelancing and holding multiple jobs have roosted here first, inculcating an early understanding of work-life balance and professionalism.

The population here is extremely diverse ethnically, too. Apart from the indigenous population, there are people from every corner of India and outside it too, making the city a true-blue cosmopolitan. The city chiefly owes its global standing to the harmony among its residents.

Also, in 2017, cost of living in Bengaluru was ranked the third lowest in the world by the Economic Intelligence Unit. This aspect of Bengaluru has attracted a large pool of talented entrepreneurs and professionals together over the past two decades, establishing a foundation to be the startup capital of the country.

Appearances don't matter here, and one wouldn't be too surprised to see piercings and tattoos at a top-tier client meeting. The level of understanding and the tolerance for individualism is quite high. This leads to a multidimensional and vibrant work culture that produces out-of-the-box ideas to challenge the status quo constantly.

In many ways, Bengaluru represents a perfect coworking space: where experts of different professions work side-by-side, and also network and collaborate to help enhance their individual ambitions. And all of this almost always begins over a cup of chai/coffee/alcohol.

So, if you meet an engineer from NIT Suratkal and a designer from NIFT who got together to begin a startup, you’ll know it’s just a Bangalore thing, and always will be!