JUL 06 2017

5 Successful Companies that Started Out of a Coworking Space

Kamakshi Kamath

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5 Successful Companies that Started Out of a Coworking Space

Sure, it’s a new concept to us here in India. But coworking has been a smashing success in the west - and these 5 companies can vouch for that.



The founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger have a very interesting history that includes exciting plots and failed ventures. But when they got together with this idea in a coworking space, they took just 8 weeks to develop the app! So, if you’re worried about distractions and efficiency, Instagram is a proof that coworking spaces give you all the space you need.



Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp united at a coworking space to solve the taxi cab issue in San Fransisco. What they didn’t think was that they’d have to not only start their own office, but also expand their operations to about 51 countries! We’ve been saying coworking spaces are great places for exposure and opportunities, and the story of Uber proves just that.



You know, that Facebook app which tells you exactly what you posted on a particular day, a few years ago. It’s become hugely popular as a great way to share memories, and the founder Jonathan Wegener believes that starting out of a coworking space gave him the perfect platform to launch. He expects to see more new tech companies rise out of coworking spaces.



Danae Ringelmann, Wall Street analyst, wanted a fair platform for startups to raise funds. With this noble thought and a space in a coworking centre, Indiegogo was born and has now grown into one of the world’s biggest crowdfunding portals.



Christy Liu, with 3 other co-founders and a handful of employees, started Wanderfly, a travel site to help people discover new experiences based on their needs and budgets. This tiny yet mighty team worked for a year in a coworking space before they were acquired by travel giant TripAdvisor.

So, coworking has proven to be very successful a good number of times.

And if you’ve been wondering about moving to a coworking space, go on. There’s no reason to fear. Get in touch with us.