JUL 14 2017

Groove through your workload!

Sania Lewis

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Groove through your workload!

We all know that listening to music while working is beneficial and boosts productivity. Research has shown that 9 out of 10 workers perform better while listening to music. Music may not only make you more efficient, but may also improve your mental and emotional state by stimulating the dopamine production in your brain. As seen in the movie ‘Doctor Strange’, even surgeons listen to music while performing complex, lengthy surgeries. However, do not get carried away yet! Choosing the right music to listen to at the right time is equally essential.

Music can be distracting while performing cognitively demanding tasks. If your task for the day involves reading, analysing or learning comprehensive material, put down your headphones. While it is not impossible for the brain to process auditory data along with instructions simultaneously, it can result in making mistakes and errors due to the multitasking, especially if the music contains lyrics.

On the other hand, if you have a repetitive, monotonous work day ahead of you, music can do great wonders. Studies have indicated that people who listen to music while working on repetitive tasks perform better and faster. Working on boring, habitual tasks lowers our attention span but music can help fire up our concentration as our brain releases feel-good neurotransmitters.

Now that we know when music can be helpful, here are some tips for compiling your work playlist -

  1. Avoid listening to new songs as it can draw away your brain’s attention from focusing on work. If you want to add some new songs to your playlist, familiarise yourself with the songs beforehand while you’re not working.

  2. Listen to music that has a constant tune or where the mood remains stable throughout the song.

  3. Avoid listening to songs with a lot of lyrics. If you are unable to find such songs, you can listen to songs in a language foreign to you.

  4. Pop music helps in speeding up data entry jobs while classical music helps improve accuracy in solving mathematical problems.

  5. Listen to music 15 minutes before performing complex tasks for an energy boost.

  6. Keep the volume at a moderate level.

Here's a playlist we compiled for your inspiration:


Go wild with your playlists, and drop a link here to share it with the rest of us! Happy working!