MAR 26 2018

5 sustainable ways to help our friendly animals during the summers

Manikankana Das

TAGS : animals, pets, summers, animalcare

Summers are a difficult time for everyone. Global warming is affecting greatly our ecospace. This summer let's be a little kind towards those who are suffering due to our negligence towards the environment. In a planet, where drinking water is already becoming a new concern, it is no news that it is also affecting the animals. With little contribution from everyone of us, we can make Earth a better and sustainable planet. But how? Let's find out:

1. Keep a bowl of water in the terrace: Birds fly restlessly in search of food. Many birds die due to temperature rise and lack of water.  Help them with some water everyday. This small gesture can help in sustaining the bird population to a great extent.

2. Never leave your pet in the car: Our pets are the closest to our hearts. It's our responsibility to take care of them. Never leave them in the car while you are up to something. Closed cars can make them suffocate with heat.

3. Put the music low: Summers can be stressful for many animals who are shy by nature. It's not good to bother them with our loud music systems. Let's party with moderate sound and thus keep animals around us comfortable.

4. Change the water in your aquarium: The water in your aquarium can become hot in every few days. Thus it can be uncomfortable for the fishes. Make sure you change the water on a regular basis.

5. Keep your pets indoors during the day: Don't let your pets roam around at daytime. The scorching sun can be cruel to them. Take them out only when it's cooler outside.

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