MAY 28 2018

7 reasons why every freelancer should take a day pass in Commune

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Working as a freelancer isn't easy. You constantly strive in balancing your professional and personal work space. When you work from your home, there are tons of pending household chores that divert you from concentrating in your professional job.  However, working from a coffee shop also doesn't add as a solution as the ambiance doesn’t actually give you professional vibes also you miss out on the networking part.

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MAY 01 2018

5 Brilliant Indian Ads that broke stereotypes!

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The concept of branding is changing with recent times. In today's era, advertisements are not confined to the narrow walls of product marketing. Brands these days try their best to project an idea or break a certain stereotypical thought that prevails in the society. Let's have a look on the 5 ads from recent times that have been successful in breaking stereotypes and helped in setting an ideal example in the society.

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