MAY 01 2018

5 Brilliant Indian Ads that broke stereotypes!

Manikankana Das

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5 Brilliant Indian Ads that broke stereotypes!

The concept of branding is changing with recent times. In today's era, advertisements are not confined to the narrow walls of product marketing. Brands these days try their best to project an idea or break a certain stereotypical thought that prevails in the society. Let's have a look on the 5 ads from recent times that have been successful in breaking stereotypes and helped in setting an ideal example in the society.


1. Ariel's Share the load campaign: In 2015, Ariel launched its campaign #ShareTheLoad where the brand tried to focus on the gender inequality in Indian households. Ariel very subtly asked it's audiences that 'Is laundry only a woman's job?', thus making an impact on the mindset of most Indian men. This beautifully crafted ad portrays the thought that men should also help their partners in doing laundry.


2. Tanishq's Remarriage ad: In 2013, Tanishq launched it's 'A wedding to remember' ad which broke the internet with applauds and appreciation. Tanishq broke several social stereotypes in this single ad. Firstly,In India, mostly  Jewelry ads are all about marriages but Tanishq became the first brand which has very subtly touched the concept of remarriages and portrayed the thought that a second marriage can also be equally beautiful and special. Also, signing a dusky model for the ad is another kudos act which the brand did on it's part since mostly jewelry brands always tend to take fair complexioned models for their campaigns.


3. Vick's Touch of Care ad: In 2017, Vicks has launched a heartwarming new campaign ‘Touch of Care’. It reasserts the importance of care while challenging and seeking to redefine what family is in contemporary society. The campaign leads with the idea that ‘Family is where Care is’ portraying the real life story of an orphan and her newfound ‘mother’. The ad features Gauri Sawant, a transgender social rights activist, who has been raising many orphans as her own children. This ad brought tears to many eyes and soon became one of the most loved ads of all time.


4. Titan Raga's Khud se naya rishta campaign: Titan is known for it's amazing ads and it is no surprise that the brand each time goes an extra mile to win everyone's hearts. Titan Raga, being a womencentric brand launched its Khud Se Naya Rishta campaign which features several ads with various modern thoughts. In one ad, Katrina Kaif talks about how one should marry only when she finds the right person who deserves her time. In another ad, Nimrat Kaur is shown as a strong careerist woman who lives her life on her terms. These ads have successfully portrayed the modern woman today who is independent, successful and strong to make her own choices.


5. ICICI’s Bande Achhe Hain ad: In 2013, ICICI has won million hearts with it’s Bande Achhe Hain ad which focuses on all the good deeds done by men in our lives which we often fail to appreciate. The ad beautifully sends the idea that men don’t have the nature of reminding us of all the unconditional care and responsibilities they take on their shoulders for us. Henceforth, we must appreciate their contribution into our lives.