MAY 28 2018

7 reasons why every freelancer should take a day pass in Commune

Manikankana Das

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7 reasons why every freelancer should take a day pass in Commune

Working as a freelancer isn't easy. You constantly strive in balancing your professional and personal work space. When you work from your home, there are tons of pending household chores that divert you from concentrating in your professional job.  However, working from a coffee shop also doesn't add as a solution as the ambiance doesn’t actually give you professional vibes and also you miss out on the networking part.

Here are 7 real reasons why you should come and work in Commune:

1. The cool ambience around: Unlike typical office spaces, Commune is a cool and vibrant place. We understand that creativity and ideas don't emerge from black and white corridors. With friendly furniture, quirky walls and art work, this coworking space is the right choice for every freelancer.

2. The win-win location: Commune is located in Koramangla which is just the centre of Bangalore. As most corporate offices are located here, it is convenient to meet your clients without having to spend hours in traffic.


3. The unlimited coffee: After you enter Commune, the coffee is on us. The one day pass comes with unlimited coffee for the entire day. Drink as much as you want, work as much as you can.

4. We also love making you laugh: Working continuously can be stressful and frustrating. With the open Mic evenings, stand up comedies and other regular events, we make sure that you get that comic relief which can add up some laughter in your everyday life.



5. A great place to network: Networking is vital when you are a freelancer as you continuously are in search for new clients. With many startups and entrepreneurs who are already working in Commune, this is a great place to meet new professionals and build your network.

6. Light on your pocket: Most freelancers avoid taking up a co-working space as they feel it will be quite heavy on their wallet. A day pass in Commune is so light on your pocket that it won't surely cost you more than two regular lattes.



7. You will feel happy: Here's the most important reason to come and work in Commune. You will feel happy working here and happiness is the best reason why you should take a day pass in Commune!


There are other reasons which we didn't cover in this article. For that, you will have to come and spend your working hours here. As they say, not all feelings can be put out in words, Right?