JUN 28 2018

5 Reasons Why Community Events are Important

TAGS : community, events, coworking, eventspace, networking

Community events are an important part of our lives. It helps you grow your network and build relationships. Whether you are a part of the startup community or you belong to the advertising industry, it’s vital that you meet people and indulge yourselves into conversations that add value to your life.

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JUN 19 2018

5 ways on how to make a successful budget event

TAGS : Commune, CommuneCoworks, Budget, Event, EventManagement, Budgetevent, Coworking, Coworkingspace, Community

Organizing events can be stressful especially when you are on a tight budget. Whether it’s a startup event or a seminar, it’s important that you don’t run out of money while managing your event. Here’s the top 5 tips on how to make an event successful on a low budget.

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JUN 05 2018

A Day in Commune!

TAGS : Communecoworks, Commune, Coworking, Koramangla, Bangalore, Coworkingspace, Community, Coworks, Work, Blog, Freelancer

This is a personal blog written by a freelance writer who has shared her experience with us after spending a day in Commune.

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