JUN 28 2018

5 Reasons Why Community Events are Important

Manikankana Das

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5 Reasons Why Community Events are Important

Community events are an important part of our lives. It helps you grow your network and build relationships. Whether you are a part of the startup community or you belong to the advertising industry, it’s vital that you meet people and indulge yourselves into conversations that add value to your life.

Here are the most important 5 reasons on why you should not miss on a community event:


  1. Helps building network: Community events play a vital role in enhancing your networking. Not just that, it helps you build relationships with acquaintances who can play an important role in shaping your career.


  1. Breaking the monotony: Your regular and monotonous life can make you feel dull and lifeless. When you attend a community event where you can share your thoughts and ideas, you feel rejuvenated and positive.


  1. Learning socialising: Socializing can be a difficult task for many people. When you attend events at regular intervals, you are sure to come out of your shell and will eventually participate in conversations with others. It will help you to grow not just your personality but also your social profile.


  1. Sharing ideas and innovations: Our creativity and ideas need proper showcasing. Community events are the perfect place where you can present your ideas as you will have a good scale of audience belonging to the same work community.


  1. Get inspired: Community events not just give you the scope to present your ideas but also give you the chance to appreciate ideas that are coming from other people. Henceforth, when you are exposed to good ideas from various people, you are sure to get inspired.


Right from a film festival to a tech event, community events are all about having a good time alongside learning and socialising. Commune is a community of startups and freelancers who work together in this coworking space with harmony and friendship. We value all kinds of community events and you are more than welcome here to organise your next event.