JUN 19 2018

5 ways on how to make a successful budget event

Manikankana Das

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5 ways on how to make a successful budget event

Organizing events can be stressful especially when you are on a tight budget. Whether it’s a startup event or a seminar, it’s important that you don’t run out of money while managing your event.

Here’s the top 5 tips on how to make an event successful on a low budget.


1. Pick an affordable venue: Almost in every event, the venue plays the most important role. If you are on a budget event, it’s always wise to choose a venue which is low on cost. Also, pick your event space early since there is a high chance that you might not get reservation for your desired venue later on.



2. Cut down the food and beverages menu: If it’s not a culinary event where food is the most important segment, then it’s always recommended to cut down the expenses spent on food and drinks. A few tips would be, instead of distributing bottled water, you can just fix a water filter at a corner of your event space. Also, a lunch or dinner buffet can be replaced by packaged food boxes.



3. Choose your vendors wisely: The third most important tip would be to select your vendors wisely. Don’t confirm the deal with the first vendor with whom you have talked to. Go out and talk to as many vendors as possible and compare the prices and the quality served by all. Select the vendor who can give you the best deal.



4. Cut down the print costs: In this digital era, where everything is on the digital platform, it’s convenient to save some money from your printing costs. You can send invites via mail and can let people know about your event through all the mediums of social media. In that way, you will not just get a better reach to your audience but also will save a lot of money on the extra printing charges.



5. Keep your team small: More manpower means more money. When you have so much to do but in a low budget, it’s recommended that you keep your team small. Analyse the key responsibilities and distribute those among your members. Take charge of your given tasks independently and thus you can pull off a great event with a small team.



Organising a budget event is not at all an easy task and we at Commune understand the difficulties you face as an event management team. When great event spaces and affordable prices come together, it surely makes your work a little less difficult. Come to Commune and enjoy our event space, you will surely feel the difference!