JUN 05 2018

A Day in Commune!

Nilima Vishal

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A Day in Commune!


This is a personal blog written by a freelance writer who has shared her experience with us after spending a day in Commune.


During childhood, the word ‘office’ used to bring thoughts of people seriously working (without any grin) in black and white buildings with simple corridors that reflect the workers’ monotonous life. As I visited the Commune Coworks office in Koramangla, Bangalore, for a moment I was astonished to realise how the world has changed and offices these days are not about just work but also focus on the happiness factor of the workers.


As soon as I entered, I was greeted by a warm reception desk, an inviting purple sofa and a bunch of money plants spreaded across the balcony. The receptionist was very warm and courteous which already made me feel comfortable even before entering the coworking space.


The ambiance inside the office space is energetic, lively and very very cozy. I could see freelancers working in their own pace and space, young entrepreneurs having meetings, the  buzzing sound of the coffee machine, everything felt so warm and so pleasant. Right from the yellow staircase to the nooks made in between the wall and the window where one can easily take a nap in between a hectic work schedule, everything about this place is so charming that I immediately fell in love with the Commune coworking space. After talking to one of the admins of the space, I realised that each floor has been designed according to a theme. The first floor whose theme is based on a coffee shop gives you a fresh and light vibe which is just apt for creative minded people. On the other hand, The second floor is more of a workshop with dark shaded walls which emits a more corporate feeling.


Not just the space, the location also caught my adoration. Located in Koramangla, it’s pretty convenient to meet your clients or go for a client meeting. Also, with many amazing eateries nearby, you will be tempted during the lunch time.

As a freelancer, I look for a place which is corporate yet creative and Commune offers just that to me. I can feel like home yet I don’t lose on the professional aspect of working. These days, when jobs are becoming so hectic and we almost spend most of our hours working, it’s vital to work in an office which can release our stress.  Also, as this place is almost filled with professionals from all sectors of work, I actually got a chance to interact with a few people whom I can connect for work purposes.

My day in Commune has been lovely and I thoroughly enjoyed the sereness of the place. I will definitely give it a thumbs for people like me who want to work in a light and creative work ambiance.