AUG 14 2018

5 ways on how one can live an independent life

Manikankana Das

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 5 ways on how one can live an independent life

'Freedom is never dear to any price. What would a man not pay for living' - Mahatma Gandhi


Being Independent and living a life full of freedom and free will is perhaps the most satisfying thing on this world. However, the ability to be independent is not something which comes naturally to most people. You might be a person who is always surrounded by friends and family all the time, but at the end of the day, it is you who will rescue yourself from the deepest crisis.


This Independence Day, let's have a check on how to live a life full of freedom and independence. Here are the 5 ways on how one can live an independent and self-sufficient life:


1. Know yourself well: You cannot be fully independent if you do not know yourself best. Being independent means that you find happiness even when you are having alone time. Henceforth, it is very important that you realize your strengths and weaknesses. Spend time with yourself to discover your inner aspirations, hopes, and dreams.



2. Be Financially independent: Financial independence is the most vital form of independence in a person's life. If you are financially dependent on someone, you will never attain the true sense of freedom. So, either get a job or start your own venture. As long as, you are able to finance your needs on your own, things are good to go.



3. Make your own decisions: While this one looks easy, but many people stumble on taking life's crucial decisions on their own. When you are living a life of independence and freedom, it's essential that you learn to take your own decisions. However, you can always take your near and dear ones' suggestions but, make sure the decision that you take is independent of any external influence.



4. Learn how to cook: You need not have to be a master chef but there's no harm in learning to cook the basic staple food. Food is the most essential part of living and you don't have to necessarily be dependent on your cook or food joints. Learn the basics like what you would like to eat on a regular dinner and this can be enough to let you live a life free of any codependence.



5. Discover your dreams: Living an independent life can sometimes become monotonous. Therefore, it's very important to have a definite purpose in life. Your life is much more than the monotonous routine that you follow everyday. Everyone of us has aspirations and dreams that we want to reach. Discover your inner wishes and find a path that will lead you towards your goal.



Life is all about how we live independently and make the choices that truly bring all the difference. This Independence Day, let’s pledge to be independent and let's fly high to reach for the stars!!