SEP 25 2018

5 reasons why Digital Marketing is the trending career choice for millennials

Manikankana Das

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 5 reasons why Digital Marketing is the trending career choice for millennials

The world is continuously emerging with new technological advancements in order to make life a lot more easier. The domains of marketing is also evolving with technological developments.  With the growing interest in the internet, most companies are now preferring the web as the first priority when it comes to sales and marketing.

The growth of Digital Marketing is in an upward direction in India since a couple of years and with its advancement, it is opening up gates to potential career growth for young millennials. If you are unsure whether or not, you should opt digital marketing as your career choice, then you might be on the right spot as we are listing down the top 5 reasons on why millennials should take up digital marketing as their career choice.


1. Versatility: The domain of digital marketing not limited to limited skill sets. The industry comprises of writers to graphic designers, marketers to web developers. So, there is a lot of options for you to choose from. Also, working in an office with colleagues who are serving diverse roles is always a win-win.



2. The industry is always evolving: Innovation is constant: Digital Marketing is evolving every other day, so there's plenty of new things to learn and experiment. Monotony is not common to Digital Marketing and the industry is always in the evolving model.


3. Creativity is the key: If you are creative person, who also wants to make good money, then digital marketing can be a suitable career option for you. Digital marketing provides many designations for the creative types. There are diverse domains of work in digital marketing that includes, creative writing ( includes SEO, SEM, Campaigns), graphic designing, web developers, web designing.  So, for most creative people, digital marketing can be a suitable career choice.



4. Become an in-demand professional: With a growth rate of 30-40% annually, digital marketing is growing in an impressive manner. Therefore, digital marketing professionals are very much in demand in the job market. So, if you are into this industry, chances are you will survive the worst of job recessions.



5. You can also work as a freelancer: There are many amongst us, who prefers working at the comfort of his own space. As a digital marketing professional, you can always work as a freelancer if you wish for. There are n number of professionals in digital marketing, who work on a contract basis with companies. So, millennials who love their freedom, digital marketing has the best thing to offer to them, i.e., their own space and their freedom.



Digital marketing is the most widely used marketing aid in the current era as it is considered to be more effective than any other tool. This is true to the core as there is a considerable shift in the preferences and lifestyle habits of the present day society.


The best thing about digital marketing is that it has enabled the companies to assess all the attributes of the customers and helps them make their best strategic move. Digital marketing holds a significant role for both customers as well as for the companies selling their products and services. So if you are looking for an opportunity to make your career in digital marketing, this might be the best career choice for you as it promises potential growth and a great future career.