SEP 04 2018

5 ways on how to make friends in a new city!

Manikankana Das

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5 ways on how to make friends in a new city!

Moving to a new city can be exciting as it is about to bring new experiences and discoveries. However, most people struggle with making new friends and thus end up living a melancholic life. Transforming your acquaintances into friends isn't that tough if you know the right steps to follow. Here are the top 5 steps you need to follow in order to make friends in a new city.


1. Join a club: Clubs are the best place to socialize and meet new people. So, if you are an artist who happen to join an art club, there is a high probability that you will end up meeting people who share the same interests as yours and thus the chances of friendship is also higher as you will find a lot of common topics to talk about.



2. Make efforts with co-workers: When we move to a new city, the first place where we meet new people is our new workplace. It's convenient and easy to befriend your colleagues as you will spend most of your time with them. Make efforts to know them by striking interesting conversations over team lunch or dinner. It will not only make your office life interesting but will also get you new buddies in your new life.



3. Attend parties and events: Events and parties are those happening places where you can meet a lot of people at the same time. These are the perfect places to socialise with new people and have a good time together over drinks and dinner.  



4. Maintain your friendship: When you are in a new city, you will mostly meet new people and it's absolutely necessary that you keep meeting them at regular intervals. A single meeting in a coffee shop won't do much in nourishing your bond with your newly found friend. Invite them over dinner or movies and try your best to create that bonding that will endure for the longest time.



5. Be open to invitations: Often, we shy away from interacting with new people and thus we reject their invitations which makes us appear not just rude but also lower down our opportunities on making new friends. Accept invitations from your new friends and acquaintances. Go out with them or  stay overnight at their places, this is the best way to bond with people.




No matter how independent we are, our life without friends would be dull, monotonous and absolute boring. The most important thing that most of us miss out on life is that we stop making friends after a certain age. However, we need to remind ourselves that life is full of possibilities and surprises and there is no particular age or place where you cannot find new friends.