OCT 24 2018

5 reasons why co-working is the future of office space

Manikankana Das

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5 reasons why co-working is the future of office space


Working in a coworking space is now considered not just cool but also satisfactory by millions of workers all over the world. Being in a coworking space allows you to work in a self-directed, collaborative, flexible and voluntary style that is based on mutual trust and the sharing of common core values between the workers. Over the years, there are thousands of co-working offices that have been built all across the globe. Many influencers consider co-working as the future of office spaces. Workers today mostly millennials are very flexible when it comes to working in an open space which allows them to explore various options with limited regulations.


Bjorn Rosinus, the Founder & CEO of Endeavor Innovative Workspaces said “Coworking and coworking spaces are going to revolutionize and disrupt the way that we know and understand traditional office spaces and environments all across the globe. We will see a shift away from long-term office leases into more flexible solutions typical of coworking spaces. Shared conference and learning facilities combined with kitchens, lounges, game rooms, fitness facilities and other amenities typical of large tech corporations are attractive elements of modern co-working spaces. With the inclusion of formal business development programs and accelerator characteristics, the sky is the limit for coworking offices and its occupants. The ability for startups and large corporations to be under one “office” roof will forever change the way people work. Coworking is the future and that future is only just beginning.”


To make things simpler, here are the top 5 reasons why coworking is the future of office space:


1. Coworking is a cost-effective solution: The reason why co-working spaces are becoming so popular with emerging times is because of its cost-effective benefit. In today's world, where real estate is becoming more expensive with every other day, it is not feasible to reserve an entire office for just a few employees, hence its best to opt for a coworking space based on the requirement rather than having a separate office.


2. Coworking spaces allow you to be flexible: Often startups and scaleups which are still trying to gain momentum go through uncertainty regarding operations, growth and cash flow. Therefore, it is convenient for such business institutions to rent a coworking space rather than renting an entire building as their office space. As coworking spaces come with flexible renting options, it saves time, energy and money for the budding companies.


3. It makes it easier to work from multi locations: Multinational companies and companies that operate from multiple cities need an office space in several places. It's not just expensive but also a havoc to set up an office at every location especially when it is to cater to the needs of only a few employees. Renting a coworking space solves the problem, as in today's world, almost all major cities across the globe have multiple coworking stations.


4. Allows to work beyond conventional work culture: Coworking spaces are contemporary and modern workspaces which allow people to work as they like. An article by Officevibe states that nearly 70 percent people prefer to work in odd shifts that go beyond 10 pm. Since almost all coworking spaces are open 24 hours, people can work according to their need and preference.


5. A great way to network: Unlike traditional offices, where we meet the same group of colleagues every day, working in a coworking space allows you to meet and network with people from diverse industries. This really helps in better engagement and networking between multiple companies which is beneficial for the companies' growth.


Coworking spaces are gaining more popularity across millennials all over the world. With its unorthodox approach to work style, it is considered to be the future of office spaces by many marketers. Giant companies like IBM, Microsoft, Verizon, etc are also experimenting with this new age office space.