JAN 24 2019

Professional Icebreaking Done The Right Way

TAGS : icebreaking, teambuilding, teamgames

Unity is strength is derived from the concept of teamwork and how that is beneficial to all parties involved. But the unity as a virtue does not come so easily and if you have ever worked in a team, you would know the magnanimous clashes which team members can have over mere issues and how disturbing the entire experience becomes if the team does not gel well with each other. However the solution is much smaller than the problem itself. People in a team suffer clashes because they do not know the other person well enough, i.e. to say that they do not know how the other person works which in turn leads to disagreements and clashes.

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JAN 09 2019

Ways to be Productive in Winters

TAGS : Winter, Cold, winter office, winter work days, fun working

“Let us love winter, for it is the spring of genius.”- Pietro Artino Winters are usually termed as favorite season by a lot many people(overlooking the love for the rains in monsoon), could very well be due to the fact that this is one season where the most important decision to take is whether to be cozy or warm? Why not be both! But unlike schools which used to close down for christmas and new years, work doesn’t stop, neither does the client. So in such situations where you have to work despite yearning for warmth and cosiness, let us help you with a few pointers to ease the working hours during winters.

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