JAN 24 2019

Professional Icebreaking Done The Right Way


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Professional Icebreaking Done The Right Way

“None of us is as smart as all of us”- Kenneth H. Blanchard


Unity is strength is derived from the concept of teamwork and how that is beneficial to all parties involved. But the unity as a virtue does not come so easily and if you have ever worked in a team, you would know the magnanimous clashes which team members can have over mere issues and how disturbing the entire experience becomes if the team does not gel well with each other. However the solution is much smaller than the problem itself. People in a team suffer clashes because they do not know the other person well enough, i.e. to say that they do not know how the other person works which in turn leads to disagreements and clashes. The best possible solution to this problem can be involving them in team building activities and not just the ones within the office but rather everything out of office. We take a look at some of the activities which can help you in building the required camaraderie amongst the employees.

Human Foosball

One of the most efficient activities enabling the employees to learn the intricacies of how each person is important in a team. The players are to be harnessed on to the poles, limiting them to move only from side to side within their assigned team space. In order to score the teams have to carve out a strategic passing lane as the game involves mental strain as much as physical strain.


Water Volleyball
Move over traditional volleyball, as you dip your toes in the fun variation of the traditional game as this one is played with water balloons. Two teams are to be made in this with both teams on either side of the net being given a satin sheet each. The Satin sheets provided to each team is to be used for the dual purpose of throwing or catching the balloons. The objective of the game is to carefully manoeuvre and position the balloons on the sheet with an effort to toss the balloons on to the opponent side. Any miss will amount to the players being splashed with water. The game involves strategic thinking and team collaboration as the primary components because both are needed in heavy dosage to ensure that the opponent’s team do not win.


Raft Building
This activity is best suited for teams which need coordination and shared effort. Each team preferably of 4-6 people are given a basic set of raw materials out of which they have to build a raft displaying their creativity and team coordination as the raft also has to float with some or all of the team members aboard. The activity can only be conducted outside as the race should also take place once everyone’s raft is ready. This activity challenges the players on the sphere of creativity, team coordination and resource management while also ensuring that the team members are in a competitive spirit to outdo other teams.


Blindfold Tent Pitching

This is another team building exercise which can act as a filler activity on trips, especially those which involve outdoor camping. Teams will be divided on the basis of accommodation allocation and the leader of each team will be allowed some time to go through the instructions and tools. Then at a go, all the team members are blindfolded and left in their allocated areas with the equipments. The objective of the activity is to build a tent as much as possible with perfection while being blindfolded. This game requires the team members to trust each other and understand the team members’ nuances as since both are blindfolded, touch, sound and smell are the only senses which they can rely on.