JAN 09 2019

Ways to be Productive in Winters


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Ways to be Productive in Winters

“Let us love winter, for it is the spring of genius.”- Pietro Artino


Winters are usually termed as favorite season by a lot many people(overlooking the love for the rains in monsoon), could very well be due to the fact that this is one season where the most important decision to take is whether to be cozy or warm? Why not be both! But unlike schools which used to close down for christmas and new years, work doesn’t stop, neither does the client. So in such situations where you have to work despite yearning for warmth and cosiness, let us help you with a few pointers to ease the working hours during winters.


Physical Activities

With the lazy cool winter mornings knocking on your warm quilts everyday, it is understandable to choose to slip into a slumber rather than your training shoes. But it’s not just an early morning jog which can keep you healthy and active in Winters, taking the stairs bypassing the elevators are also a good choice. If it gets difficult during the mornings then take out some time after work for a jog or a night-time stroll. Being involved in any kind of physical activity during the day helps your body keep your metabolism intact thereby making sure that you are active all through despite the chilling weather.


Cozy Workstations

With your workstation being the place where you spend maximum amount of time on a working day, it is not only logical but also highly advisable  to make it cozy and comfortable. From decorating it with your personal favorite items to maybe using a cushion for support, to putting up pictures of your loved ones, your workstation should be very appealing to you. The idea is to make your workstation warm up to you, because when you are working in a desirable environment, the productivity in anything you are working on is known to increase drastically.


Be Social

While the option of curling up in your warm bed with your favorite book might be a tempting option, but guess what, going out for a hot coffee with a friend has an even better impact. Catching up with friends over a cup of coffee while playing Zenga or Cards Against Humanity is also a great way to recharge yourself after a full fledged winter working day. It rejuvenates you from inside and the happy hormones released from spending time with people you like gives you a feeling which is like tapping into a renewed source of energy for the days to come. Regular meetups with friends and family can help you be happy and active all through the chilling winter.


Adequate Sleep

Coming to the most important aspect of being productive in a day is getting the required amount of sleep day-in, day-out. Not getting the required amount of sleep is one of the major reasons why we might end up feeling lazy all through during working hours. To make sure that you don’t feel sleepy and tired through the cozy working days, make sure that you get ample sleep on a daily basis. It is amazing how much you can get done in a day which you have started afresh after a good night’s sleep.