FEB 22 2019

Behaving like the Professional You are


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Behaving like the Professional You are

“The starting point of all achievement is desire”- Napolean Hill


With the recent public outrage over cricketers’ statements in a coffee show, organizations have realized the importance of professional behaviour expected from an employee, be it inside office or outside. But making this behaviour a habit is a fundamental change which can only be brought about by a mindset change and not by making the employees go through some training programs. We list down some of the habits which can facilitate this mindset change in the form of behaviours.



This is also known as a subset element of displaying confidence, where in a person understands his/her  skills/strengths/weaknesses and where he fits in and how. The simple act of just being aware might seem tedious for many as people would rather believe they can do something than find out if they actually can or not. In such a scenario, people who own up to their weaknesses along with their strengths understand their position and can even work on buttressing things which they don’t do well. But just being aware also makes a huge difference in terms of how we see ourselves and how others look up to us.



Often confused with predictions, one has to understand that anticipation in itself is an entirely different concept. Anticipation can give rise to confidence as it involves focussing on the other party’s needs and understanding their requirements to the extent of being able to anticipate the challenges and working on the solutions for the same. Understanding the other party’s needs and focussing to the point of anticipating their challenges and solutions is something which can not only gain you a business advantage but even gain professional goodwill and appreciation in the professional circles.



While people are asked to think out of box and provide creatively revolutionizing solutions to problems, it is imperative that executives and professionals don’t lose track of the realistic aspects of the same. You need not promise the entire world and then try come up with something close, you can just promise to deliver the most you can and then be consistent with your delivery ability. People often tend to over promise in order to impress the other party but then end up being humiliated as they did not have the means to deliver that in the first place. The other aspect of the same is under promising and over delivering which might add to the customer delight but increases their expectation as they would always expect you to do something more than you promised. Finding the right realistic balance is the key ingredient to a good business and a Professional executive.



In today’s world, people take offense more easily and unintendedly than ever before. With people feeling offended with almost every other thing they don’t like, it can get very difficult for a professional to tread through a new meeting/client interaction with absolute diplomacy. But that can be changed when you, have a good communications ability, are self-aware and caring which leads to being prudent in behaviour. Prudence can be very helpful and can actually give a person the ability to be candid without causing offence.


Toeing the Thin Line

Although it is advisable to make the client comfortable and be as friendly as you can, one should know how to maintain that line or distinction between friendly and over friendly. Clients tend to give out casual and friendly vibes but one should always keep in mind the professional nature of the friendship and not go overboard. The difficulty in not understanding the demarcation leads to the official discussions and negotiations being affected adversely due to the dynamics of the professional relationship turned friendly.