FEB 22 2019

Make your Workspace work for you


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Make your Workspace work for you

There is no exact science behind having a perfect workspace/desk, but then a change in working style as well as mood can be easily brought about by making few changes at the workplace. With your workspace being the place you spend considerable amount of time in a working day, it makes sense to keep it not only neat and tidy but also turn it into a space which you would want to come back to with the same enthusiasm which you had felt on the first day of your job. But just neat and clean doesn’t do the trick, let us take a look at how you can change your workspace to revolutionise your way of working.


Nature Connect

The first and foremost advice which anyone ever gives is to have indoor plants in and around your workspace. The advice might seem a bit too used but it’s a tried and tested one with the science behind it being that a workplace with connect to nature is essential for  health and wellness as most people spend maximum amount of their time indoors. While this small effort also improves the air quality within the office, it has also been observed that work environment with natural scenery, greenery and light is known to result in healthier employees taking fewer sick leaves.


Decorating the Space

People usually decorate things which they like or want to see it in a better fashion, doing the same for your workspace ensures that everyday you come to your own zone in the work space. Decorations need not mean ribbons/balloons etc. a simple photo frame of your loved ones, a drawing scribbled by small children, inspiring cups acting as pen stands etc. People decorating their workspace tend to develop a sense of freedom and feel comfortable expressing their individuality at workplace, thereby leading to a happy work environment. It has been seen that employees who feel the freedom to express their individuality without hindrance, tend to be more productive and are seen to be happier than those who don’t.

Promote Shared Spaces
Organizations must have common areas where employees from different departments can congregate and do their work. It is a known fact that when you allow your employees to choose their style of work, they are known to be more productive than when the organization defines a certain style of working. Combining this with the need of employees to socialise and foster relationships in common spaces, you have the perfect solution to long tea breaks. If people work around others like in a community space then they seem to feel connected with each other and each other’s work which is a very important aspect for building a community within the organization.


Spend Less time sitting

The most advised and most ignored workspace advice is to spend less time sitting and more time moving around. But even at your workspace you can have an ergonomic standing desk which then takes care of your sitting problem. But apart from that one should also consider taking calls walking around the office building, some even go for light walks after lunch to keep them active through the 2nd half, basically anything which can keep you off your chairs for 8 hours straight is a winner. One should also have a timer which indicates the employee that it has been too long since they last got up from their spaces.


Find your corner

Despite moving around office and going for short walks, one should also explore the scenery around one’s workplace. Go out and explore the surrounding areas, find your corner/space amongst those where you can go and unwind. Be it a cafe or a bookstore, each employee must go out in evening for leisure visits around so that you can get the maximum from your travel to the place for work. Employees often tend to gather at small cafes/eateries around the workplace for friendly banter, which can have a positive effect on your workday.