MAR 14 2019

Handling Stress the Freelancer Way


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Handling Stress the Freelancer Way

Fun at work is a unique concept, the definitions of which vary from person to person just like their fingerprints. Some people prefer to grind through the day finishing their work by evening while others prefer working late nights given the calm and silence. Similarly there are many people who prefer not sticking to one office/project/assignment/employer and hence they choose to go freelance. Freelancers as we call them, usually prefer working on their own terms and hence have taken the bold step of treading their career along the risky but now popular freelance pathway. But being a freelancer is no walk in the park and it comes with its own set of troubles and tensions as well. If you are a freelancer who has never felt the pressure, irritation,frustration during your work, then you should apply for a Guinness World Record because it is a feat in itself. However if you are a normal freelancer with the problems mentioned, then read on to find out how to change all that.


Sticking to a routine

While being a freelancer might allow you a leeway to manage your time as per your feasibility, but it is important that you stick to a routine. Be it the meal times or the evening walks or even relaxing or sleeping, one should stick to a routine otherwise it will all be a big chaos. While you have the freedom of doing work when you want or how you want but one should try and stick to a routine as much as possible as that brings about a calmness and frees up the mind from other things so you can focus completely on your work when you want and not be bothered about missing something.


One at a Time

There can be trying times where you are bombarded with a lot of work from different clients of different nature. Many would prefer working on all of them simultaneously, however, doing so has a negative effect on productivity because you would always be worried about the project you are not working on right now leading to distraction in the current one which ultimately also leads to a decrease in productivity. So, the best approach is to take the things one at a time, focusing on one thing at one time ensures that all your attention is directed towards the task at hand and hence improves the productivity. The best way to do it is divide the workflow according to the timelines and work as per the priority. This method is known to increase productivity and decrease the time spent on a project in average.


Fun and Relaxation

While work marathons are a thing with freelancers, one should also have an idea as to when to rewind and rejuvenate. Having fun or relaxing in a way suitable to each his own, is a great way to remove tiredness and refresh the mind. It is essential to take a break from work, go out for a walk, or some outdoor games etc. But everyone  has their own way of relaxing and one should follow that ritual from time to time regularly. Even a healthy dose of Sunshine can do wonders since freelancers are mostly confined to their place of work and hence might get bored or depressed or irritating. It is crucial that you make sure you do not reach the level of boredom where you are constantly annoyed and irritated without valid reasons. Therefore all work and no play makes a freelancer cranky and pesky.


Sleep in during slow times

Let’s be honest, for a freelancers, it is not like a continuous gig, there are times of the year when a freelancer is working on 4 projects and times when there are none or very small projects. In such times it is important for freelancers to not be demotivated or upset but rather do the one thing which can help them the most- SLEEP. There might be nights when freelancers work 12-14 hours only to crash for 4 hours and then back to work. So in a reverse situation where the projects are not so many in numbers, one can utilise the time in catching up on the lost sleep and come out of it with a renewed spirit and rejuvenation.


Change of Scenario

It can get boring at one place no matter how much you change the setup. Freelancers should consider working out of cafes someday for change of scene. Being around people for a change can have hugely positive effects and has been known to increase productivity and speed. Freelancers sometimes should also work out of a coworking space since working on their own might not give them the peer learning that they need sometimes. Freelancers theses days prefer coworking spaces over traditional office because these spaces take care of all your needs and you just have to sit and work, even for that there are a lot many options available