APR 26 2019

Transitioning from WFH to a CoWorking Space


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Transitioning from WFH to a CoWorking Space

Since time immemorial, there have been freelancers, who can help you with the use of their skills and are free to work as they please. But since they are individual entities, they are mostly either working from home or from helpful cafes with free internet. But with the advent of coworking spaces, this scenario can change positively for the freelancers, who can now have their own office for a day or monthly cabins for bigger teams etc. However, it’s easier said than done. Being a freelancer comes with its own set of freedom and breaking from this norm is quite difficult for the best of us. However it is not something impossible and despite being someone who is working from Home or cafes, you can very well maintain a working desk in a coworking space. Lets see how:-


Personalizing your Desk

Your space is your zen and it should be an extension of you. It is amazing how changing up the desk as per your choice can help you positively in boosting your mood to work and sometimes even lead to large surges of highly motivated times where you get twice the normal work done. Doing this is not so difficult, fill it up with things which evoke a happy feeling from within or help you calm down in frantic situations. Family photos, succulents, Figurines, DIY art and crafts are some of the good examples which people can use in their workspace but it is actually completely up to you that what do you want to come back to. People add lights to their desks, some use cute pet pics other use comic strips to decorate, at the end it is your personality which is reflected from your desk so make sure to display on your desks, that part of you which you want others to know or talk to you about. This is also a good conversation starter as unknown colleagues are more prone to talking to you if they see something of similar interest on your desk rather than just coming up to you and conversing out the normal.


Fancy Calendar

Freelancing can be tiring and people can often lose track of things, a calendar on your desk keeps reminding you about deadlines, keeping you on the toes. But the fancy nature is suggested because there might come times or days of boredom where you will have nothing to work on and feel frustrated, it is in these times where you can go through the calendar reading through the previous assignments, you’ll be amazed to find out that your speed of delivering a project has increased over the months. And not only that you can also plan for the months ahead during these times. A calendar/planner is of utmost importance for a freelancer  and having a fancy one sometimes can provide you the right motivation you were looking for.


Get Your Interesting Coffee Mug

With the millenials’ fascination for coffee, it is not surprise that every office/coworking space now has their own coffee machines or their employees or occupants. Having an interesting coffee mug helps you come out of the drab or boredom of a long day, sometimes even acting as a conversation starter in cafeterias. Having your personal cup ensures you are not sipping coffee from the bulk purchased cups which have been used more than 100 times and now the stain of the coffee on the cup is part of its color contrast. People usually prefer to kickstart their day with a fix of caffeine and when done in a mug of your choice, your day is sure to go uphill from there. Try it.



Decluttering the Desk

Sometimes people go a bit overboard in decorating their workspaces and as a result end up with little space for the essential things. This leads to an always cluttered desk with things lying around, files crammed between systems etc. Clutter on desk not only leads to space issue but it is visually repulsive, and can affect your work in a negative manner. You might not feel like coming to your desk due to the clutter and hence hamper the timelines. It is therefore advised to keep the desks clutter free and minimalistic. Going for a minimal look for the workspace is what is the ideal advice as that would ensure you have space not only for customization but also see to it that your space is not cluttered unnecessarily