MAY 27 2019

The Office Game of Thrones


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The Office Game of Thrones

Winter finally came after 8 seasons of awesome TV programming, storytelling at it’s finest. But while everyone out there is pining for another episode, we are here to take you on a different journey. We will tell you about the toxic characters from Game Of Thrones whom you can encounter in your routine life in office. But we don’t just tell you how to identify them but also inform you on the measures which can be taken to evade their effects if undesired.  Here’s a look at the different characters and how to identify them in and around your workspace.


Brienne of Tarth- The Dedicated One

Usually the ones who are simply in love with their job, company and responsibilities, these knights in the shining armor within office are efficient for the organization but can be tasking for the colleagues as they are sticklers for rules. Being passionate about one’s career is one thing but taking it tad too seriously is usually characteristic of such an office colleague. If you’re punching out early or taking a bit too long a break, these knights are sure to remind you of your incompetent dedication and how it needs to change. While it is desirable as an employer to have such an employee in your team, there is a thin line between dedication and sycophantism, something which should be kept in mind while evaluating their performance, and enthusiasm for the company.


Lord Varys-The one with all the info

Every office has multiple characters or employees who have a knack for maintaining information, most of which might be unnecessary from any point of view for the organization. These are the ones who love gossiping and have an ear out for any interesting news,  the only difference being that in workplace these people usually are the ones who help spread the rumor faster than forest fires. It’s best advisable to stay clear of these people in workplace and maintain a nonchalant attitude towards them. Information is their currency and gossip is their goldmine, staying clear of them in office ensures you do not get entangled in unnecessary business within the office.


Peter Baelish- The Dangerous One

By nature everyone is selfish but this is a special kind of selfish nature where the person is highly invested in his own self interests, so much so that nothing other than his/her own aim is visible to them and they are unaffected with anything other than efforts to climb up the corporate ladder. Anything they know or information they find out is usually utilized to further their ambitions and goals in the office. Such people cannot be trusted as they are working only for themselves and not even for the company. Given a chance they can even cause significant damage to their employer/ company using their acquired knowledge and leverage the same into causing others problems. One should stay clear of such people and be cautious as to what you speak about with them. They might not be as savage as Peter Baelish himself but it is advisable to stay clear of them nevertheless.


Margery Tyrell- The Queen Bee of Networking

Yes, the Queen Bee of Networking in your office can probably be seen rubbing shoulders with the right person. From volunteering to cross departmental chores to having friends in every department, this queen bee is called networking queen for a reason. She knows what she wants and figures out her own way of achieving the same, while friendly in demeanour, they are not looking for friendship and it is usually best to stay clear of them but not letting them know of your disapproval or conscious efforts to avoid them. They might seem good running mates and a good companion to have while climbing the corporate ladder but equally dangerous as they can throw you under the bus anytime to further their ambitions.


Mance Rayder- The “Stuck-in-their-own-ways” employee

Often at a workplace you will encounter primitive employees who are all set in their own ways and unwilling to change even to the slightest degree of the routine. It is not that difficult in a corporate setup apart from the fact that they can be difficult to work with. They have been there with the company for more than 15 years and are sure to make it known at the first encounter. Scoffing at changes, comparing them to a highly valuable, outdated processes from back in their days. Reinvention and Evolution are well avoided words by them and they would go to any extent wanting to keep their routine the same. It is best to avoid them when learning some new things as their attitudes can be infectious and they might slow down your growth. But the tacit knowledge they possess is nothing less than a goldmine for those who know how to utilize the same.


Yana Greyjoy- The Tough Team Lead

Comprised of heavy pep talks and sometimes snide remarks directed at the members through it as well as they lay out the incentives and the targets, not forgetting to reiterate the consequences should they fail as well.  Irrespective of the skills or capabilities they expect you to come through by hook or by crook and cannot withstand the words “can’t” or “I don’t know “, they will push you to the edge no matter what. While this can be challenging and healthy for growth to some extent, but a continuous war room environment gradually acts towards a decline in productivity of the team to the extent of affecting their morales. Knowing your limits under such a leader is the key to surviving with them, pushing beyond your limits should be on your own terms and not because your manager wants something done. The most important aspect of working with such a team leader is the art of saying “NO” in a firm and assertive manner to the matters which might not help you in any way other than affect your mental peace.


Cersei Lannister- The CEO

Commanding by nature, assertive to the core and Intimidating to a certain extent, the Big Boss who cannot be looked in the eye for too long simply because of its piercing stare into your soul exposing your inability through the eyes. Ruthlessly experienced and not afraid to make the tough decisions which are expected of them,  the CEO can leave you shaken up with just a small interaction and like Cersei, wield the power with the help of well connected network and get things done without getting their hands dirty. Its unavoidable to escape such a personality at any workplace and at the end it comes down to how well a person is able to handle such a characteristic of a leader. Usually employees tend to avoid interaction by seeming busy in their work and hoping that the CEO passes by them without questioning the reason for their entire existence.