JUN 26 2019

The Office : Endgames


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The Office : Endgames

As the hype and all the hue and cry begin to slow down around the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s biggest extravaganza with the re-release, we take a look at how the Avengers or the characteristics of the Avengers, their behaviour and attitude apart from their work and dedication towards the same. But how do we go about identifying the Natasha Romanoff of our team or make provisions for the Hulk of the team to mingle with the others. We take a look at which of the employees exhibit what characters and how they can be nurtured for the growth of both individual as well as the company.


Steve Rogers

The Captain America, the honest employee who follows the rules to the book and is a stickler for the things he/she believes in. These kind of employees or team members are very effective till the time their visions and ideas are along the same line of that which the Organization has, the moment it deviates, they tend to show disinterest which gradually can even turn them into a rebel against the same organizations whose rules they followed to the word. They usually are at the forefront of different internal activities often becoming the shining knight and acting as a natural leader which suits their personality.


Tony Stark

The Lone player, the Iron Man, who believes he/she is enough to do everything and doesn’t shy away from the spotlight commending him/her for the same. Despite being a brilliant and genius individual worker, these kinds of employees find it difficult to adjust to a team environment and might even claim that the team slows them down. However if this type of employee is motivated enough to adapt to the team dynamics, they can become one of the best assets to the team and even come out as the top performing team. Not one to take up the role of a leader but essay the role of mentoring others pretty well.



The Black Panther, the employee who is in the team/organization/project/office simply for the experience and in all probability has a business/ business idea to fall back to or take care of. Other team members can refer to them as being privileged but truth be told , these kind of workers are desirable in a workforce. They not only work beyond their prescribed hours just for the exposure, but they work extra hard to shed off their privilege tag to prove to their colleagues that they are as deserving of the positions as any other. This brings a nice twist to the workforce mix as due to one person’s zealous attitude, others get infected with the same and everyone works extra hard or more efficiently to outdo each other in a friendly professional manner.


Bruce Banner

The thinkers, the innovators of the group/team. These are the employees who come up with the most innovative and effective solutions to the problems in projects. These are also the most moody employees who have time and again displayed their varied range of emotions which is an outcome of the high IQ that they possess and hence can be termed as a character flaw in teamwork. However they are a prized possession of a team and all team members would prefer having such a person on their team rather than the opposite team.


Clint Barton

The Top performing employee who gives in 100% when the organization needs him/her but is also not afraid to draw the line for maintaining the Work-Life Balance. These employees work hard but do not shy away from partying harder as well when it comes to their personal life. They like to keep their personal and professional life different amounting to no unnecessary mingling with colleagues than what is necessary. Not afraid to act on tough decisions, this kind of an employee is an asset to both his/her teammates as well as the organization. However such employees have a hard stop when it comes to anything related to their family or personal life and they would toe the line there and not do anything which goes against their basic beliefs and responsibilities towards the same.


Natasha Romanoff

The employees which work with both internal teams as well as external ones are usually the ones who tend to behave or have characteristics similar to the Black Widow. Due to the nature of their jobs and responsibilities these employees play the game from all teams but only playing for themselves at the end of the day. They have to be on good terms with the clients/external teams while at the same time not upsetting the internal team as well and getting the work done. This is one of the toughest jobs and usually needs precision and practice apart from People skills to get this going. As an employee of the organization, they have to think about the organizational benefit but at the same time they are regarded as being a part of the Clients’ team so they have to play a double agent a lot many times during their tenure and tread lightly along the edge of both.