AUG 29 2019

Work from Community Option

TAGS : WFH, WorkFromHome, Work, Home, Play, hustle

If you are a freelancer or someone who likes working in a calm environment rather than the hustle bustle of a normal corporate office, then you sure are not alien to the concept of Work From Home. As comforting as it sounds, the pace, attention span and the quality does go for a toss sometimes and might be out of no fault of your own. But what if you could work in a space where you would be left to yourself when you wanted and can network with others when you want or just have a good time within the space? Sounds disinteresting? Well rest assured, our Commune Coworks Community makes it interesting enough. But why should you choose to work from a Community rather than on your own?

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AUG 19 2019

Learnings from the Tide


Its been almost a month since the curtains came down on the legendary edition of Cricket World Cup 2019. The tournament which was filled with excitement, zeal, hard-work, dedication and the best of all, some extremely crazy “jaw dropping moments”. The pathway which each team took along the tournament is one which can go down the history as being the most unpredictable ones. Be it the hosts which were favorites or the Aussies (the all time favorites) or the young Afghanistan team or the cricket loving nation India, nobody can claim to have had a smooth journey in this tournament. West Indies for that matter looked strong as a team but failed to clear the knockouts, Australia also having to go home empty handed before the knockouts should tell you how heated the things have been this season. But why discuss cricket now when it is all over? No, not to criticise the wrong decisions or to blame cricketers for losing, rather we discuss cricket today so we can see what the corporate world team leaders and managers can learn from the International Cricket teams through their World Cup campaigns.

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