AUG 19 2019

Learnings from the Tide



Its been almost a month since the curtains came down on the legendary edition of Cricket World Cup 2019. The tournament which was filled with excitement, zeal, hard-work, dedication and the best of all, some extremely crazy “jaw dropping moments”. The pathway which each team took along the tournament is one which can go down the history as being the most unpredictable ones. Be it the hosts which were favorites or the Aussies (the all time favorites) or the young Afghanistan team or the cricket loving nation India, nobody can claim to have had a smooth journey in this tournament. West Indies for that matter looked strong as a team but failed to clear the knockouts, Australia also having to go home empty handed before the knockouts should tell you how heated the things have been this season. But why discuss cricket now when it is all over? No, not to criticise the wrong decisions or to blame cricketers for losing, rather we discuss cricket today so we can see what the corporate world team leaders and managers can learn from the International Cricket teams through their World Cup campaigns. 



The hosts, the hot favorites, the ones who have been awaiting their first Cup for way too long did not quite have the dream run you would have liked them to have given the team selected. They made it to the knockouts but not before being beaten by 2 teams who did not make it to the Knockouts and two who did, before finally beating Australia on their second encounter in the tournament only to win the final in a Super Over with a lot of technicalities coming in to play as both teams put up equal number of scores. 

Corporate Learning from England Cricket Team would be persistence and abiding by the rules. Over the years despite their lack of trophy, the dedication has always been unquestionable and impeccable in terms of their vision for the winning moment. Despite scraping through into the knockouts, and being choked for runs in the finals by the Kiwis, England never once gave up. It seemed like giving up wasn’t an option and it is no news where it has gotten them and what it had brought them home. 


New Zealand

The team led by the Gentleman Captain Kane Williamson, had no short of a melodramatic entry into knockouts for themselves as well. Winning 5 out of the first 6 matches, the Kiwis established themselves as a favorite with their mesmerising performance with rains playing spoilsport for the match between India and New Zealand, the Kiwis then went on to lose their remaining matches up till the knockouts. In the Semis, the Kiwis played the Indians out over 2 days of cricket using the reserve day to shatter a billion dreams with utter teamwork and cool-headed captain. 

Corporate Learning from New Zealand team would be that a leader with a cool head can take a team far ahead just by his leadership skills. Kane Williamson is not new to trophies, he played the U-19 tournament opposite Virat Kohli and has over the year not only maintained his calm stature but also come out as a fantastic player. His calm and soothing presence has a great effect on the entire team, with Sunrisers Hyderabad coming out as a Runner Up under his guidance as a Captain during IPL2018. A cool headed calm lead/manager can motivate the other members to go much beyond their 100% thereby the team ending up doing great things in itself. 


The Indian campaign during Cricket World Cup 2019 was one which was commendable coming in as a strong contender for the trophy so much so that Indians had bought the final tickets in anticipation of seeing their team play. The popularity of Indian cricket fans was also seen with Jimmy Neesham taking to twitter asking Indian fans to resell their tickets after the heart wrenching semi final. But that being said, the Indian Cricket Team was the only team which lost one match during the group stage to enter the knockouts as Table Topper in League matches.  With England being the one breaking the unbeatable streak for Indians and New Zealand shattering a billion dreams with a tough semi-final, it is safe to say that no matter the performance and their pathway, India was one of the strongest teams in tournament. 

Corporate Learning from the Indian team campaign is to build a good team over time keeping the ultimate vision in mind. This world cup contingency from India was one where everyone chipped in and it was not just a batsmen’s game winning it for the team. Bumrah came out as game changer and Rohit Sharma’s consistent centuries made sure  India was never short of runs even if D/L comes to play. Dhawan contributing his own bit before being injured. A team where every one of the members knows and essays their roles efficiently, is a team which can be said to be the best in their sphere. Having an ably diverse and efficient team will ensure the team performs well at all stages. India came in mighty and held theirs well but sometimes it is just about that day and a few things off the chart and it does the trick. 



Australia, the all time favorites, the mighty invincibles, not to mention reeling from a huge controversy and finally having their players back to the likes of Warner and Smith proved a huge booster. However that can just be termed as booster because the Aussies had nothing less than a fantastic campaign of their own as well. Having lost only to India and South Africa during the group stage, Australia seemed good to win it this time as well but England had other plans which conflicted with theirs so they had to return home empty handed with only a great campaign to their credit. 

Corporate Learning from the Australian team has always been Consistency and Aggression. No matter what the conditions, the team, venue, tournament, Aussies evoke a sense of fear amongst its opponents and the audience always knows they are as good a contender for being winners as much as the strongest participant. The key behind this idea is the fierce consistency which Aussies have followed churning up one after another great and aggressive players for the World Cricket.