AUG 29 2019

Work from Community Option


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Work from Community Option

If you are a freelancer or someone who likes working in a calm environment rather than the hustle bustle of a normal corporate office, then you sure are not alien to the concept of Work From Home. As comforting as it sounds, the pace, attention span and the quality does go for a toss sometimes and might be out of no fault of your own. But what if you could work in a space where you would be left to yourself when you wanted and can network with others when you want or just have a good time within the space? Sounds disinteresting? Well rest assured, our Commune Coworks Community makes it interesting enough. But why should you choose to work from a Community rather than on your own? 



Lets get this out of the way immediately, YES, the opportunities to build your net-worth through a Network is immense within the premises of Commune. But the difference here is, owing to the diverse nature of the Community, we have some of the best minds from different industries hustling their way to the vision they have for future. Your benefit from all of this is not only do you make contacts in different industries for future, you have at your disposal the best minds from various industries should you need expert advice on things which are not your forte. 


Community Events

Commune Coworks regularly hosts community events ranging from Talks by Industry experts to intellectual discussions on certain trending topics, all within the Commune Workspace. Residents of Commune also hold such events and it is also a nice way to find people with similar interests and likes. Events like these enable our community to learn new things or gain a better perspective into something we like, all of it at the place you came to work. 


New Day- Everyday

With flexibility being one of the key factors behind coworking space becoming so popular, working in a community takes it a notch higher as you not only get to choose your spot every new day, you can choose to work near a new person everyday and it can be quite a long time before you return to the first count. And it is not just about having a new view everyday, it is about having a new experience every new day with a new person, someone who is along the path of the same hustle that you are in but in their own way. 


The “We’ve got your Back” support

In a corporate structure you are working to outdo each other and get noticed from amongst the many others, in a freelancing setup people are more focussed on their personal growth and oblivious to the surroundings and other people. However when working from a Community, one can always hope to find support not just in the form of encouraging words but sometimes with the exact skills and knowledge needed to get you out of a soup. The reason being that the idea of a community exists from the all round development and growth of all its participants and hence the thinking at such a place is also similar where everyone treats each other more like a part of their extended family than a coworker.