OCT 26 2019


Aafreen Mody



Goodness is always associated with lights, brightness and
light colours while on the other hand, Evil or bad is always
associated with darkness, and  dull colours.Sometimes, we
also associate victory with light and defeat with darkness as it
is so observed in many mythological beliefs, epic drama and
off late our cinema’s as well.
One such festival which brings together both odds- Victory
and Defeat. Yes, you read that right! It’s DIWALI!
Diwali, the Festival of lights marks the victory of Lord Ram
over Ravaan.
It's a very prosperous and joyful festival, for everyone. It is
one the most awaited festivals of India. It brings people
together of any religion filled with light and joy. Traditionally,
many parts of India celebrate Diwali uniquely. Few started
celebrating it by conducting plays and drama's and even
small carnival's in order  to emphasize it more and deliver to
people the story behind which this festival is being
celebrated upon. Commonly people bring joy by giving gifts
and sweets and most importantly light diya's and lamps
which brings light and glory to each one. A festival with a sky
full of lights, mouth full of sweets and hearts full of joy. This
festival is not constricted to a particular religion, race, caste
or creed. Infact, people who do not follow Hinduism also
celebrate Diwali in the most joyful manner possible. 
People often burst crakers and light lanterns as well. Just as
ever coin has two sides to it, so does this one. Some people
favour the burning of lanterns and bursting of crackers in

order to express their joy and happiness while there are few
that do not favour the same as it harms our environment. 
This festival is not only celebrated at home but also at
various work places where they give eachother gifts as a
gesture of exchanging happiness that comes in small
Many homes, offices, marts, shops by the lanes are
beautifully decorated with lights and diya’s cuz
it’s best believed that “Lights will guide you home!”.