NOV 30 2019


Aafreen Mody

TAGS : communication, startup, coworking, workspace, smallbusiness, deskspace, eventspace


At our workplaces we often tend to forget the importance of social dynamics, relations, friends and
most important of all the way we deliver and put forth our ideas, beliefs, cultural differences and
similarities although we come from very different backgrounds, cultures and upbringings.
We often fail to contemplate the necessity of good communication skills. It is very well said that
words can not only bring peace but also start never ending wars. Hence a good communication and
polite behaviour is now a priority skill at most work places in and around many cities and countries.
Most people today have a struggle with how to balance their career and personal life without
getting tied up between a vague mixture of a sophisticated relations and their fuel for success, their
career. Social Dynamics can refer to the behaviour of groups of people that generate results from
the interactions of individual group members as well to the study of the relationship between
individual interactions and group level behaviours. The concept of Social dynamics is
premised on the assumption that individuals are influenced and interdependent on each
others behaviour and reactions to umpty number of positive as well as negative situations.
What really makes their bond grow stronger depends simply upon the way they
communicate and respect the differences while they celebrate their similarities on the basis
of various grounds like religion, belief’s, idea’s, cultural variations and above all human value
of ethics and personal integrity. Communication is sometimes simply referred to the art of
conveying the message of what is intended or rather discussed between groups of people or
amongst individuals of common ideas and grounds. It usually also comprises of information
from one entity or group to another through the use of mutually understood languages,
signs, modern communicative tools and rules. The ability to communicate effectively with
superiors, colleagues, and staff is essential, no matter what industry you work in, irrespective
of the department you belong to and it also over powers interdepartmental clashes. Good
communication is a boon to the success of the organisation, department, team or even
simply and individual. Miscommunication often leads to terrific misconceptions which not
only affect the social dynamics of a group or an organisation but also lead to a complete
breakdown and severe disruption of the team current ongoing project. It also affects morale
of the people within an organisation and sometimes leads to mjultiple arguments with
various people within the same organisation and hence leaves the group project unfinished
which nevertheless leaves the organisation with a terrible remark.
Most organisations have a lot of team building activites, events, conferences and outings in
order to make sure that all the colleagues of the organisation are on the same page or rather
are dealing with different waves but within the same ocean. These activities are not only a
necessity now but also important for personal development of the individual as they are now
the face of the organisation when they step outside the organisation.
Thereby, we could say that good communication skills and social dynamics are not only
equally co-related but are directly proportional to one another.