NOV 30 2019

Win internally to win eternally

Aafreen Mody


Win internally to win eternally

Who does not like winning ? Most of us like to win at competitions, games, small challenges, bets
and definitely at the casino’s as well. Some say you just got lucky because it’s your lucky day while
some try a few tricks and pull a few strings to get lucky or rather to seem to look lucky at the casino’s
to win some petty cash or even do a few odd jobs where we tend to jump multiple organisations just
to fit in the box while we are trying to stand out amongst the others.
Something’s so funny about that place! People not only go there to get lucky even while they have
everything but also go there when they have nothing and to win and take home a jackpot which
would leave them flabbergasted. We also come across people who are a little broken or angry from
within and bet everything that they have on basis of their current situations with people close to
them. Now you see, what you have within you plays a very witty yet vital role to what happens with
you on the outside! Oh boy, it also reflects beautifully well at your work place.
I must say, everything you do is directly proportional to what you behold within you and the seat of
the faculty of intelligence and reason, the gray matter. Why not bag home a JACKPOT? Let’s win at a
bigger game called LIFE. You only experience a rainbow in your life when you work-like-a-charm
which only happens with striking a balance on the outside with the inside of you and your
whereabouts of daily routines. The different wavelengths of the colours of your progress will
resonate with you only when you decide to win internally in order to win eternally!