JAN 07 2020


Aafreen Mody

TAGS : work-culture, startup bangalore, work life balance, work life, co working, community working, stress free work life, corporate work life


Have you ever thought, how different religions have different festivals, different customs, and different traditions? Do you still remember the way each festival used to get us all excited and think of all the various customs we follow? How everyone wants gifts for Christmas, bursts crackers for Diwali and not to forget wants to relish on some mouth-watering absolutely delicious biryani for Eid, irrespective of which caste or religion they belong to. Well, it isn’t surprising that a corporate company to host their very own festivals which favor their own work- culture. Every company that has ever been successful, held on tight to their roots and their very own work culture. When we were in school, we thought college would give us freedom. When we began going to college, we realized that it was a big fat lie and hoped that we would be an independent adult and will make every decision of ours without someone constantly criticizing us and telling us to just follow them, well come on let’s be honest here, who doesn’t like to be right with their own independent decisions? Well, that idea of being right always failed big time and turned out to be a lie as well. When we got into working, everything was predefined. They had a rule for the way we should dress, the way we should eat, the way we should speak,  the way we should celebrate my very own festivals, so on and so forth. Well, remember when you asked your parents why you follow some customs the way you do and they tried to answer it at least with a tale, well when you work, you don’t even have to ask because the only answer you’ll ever get is “this is our work-culture and you being a representative of this company, this is the way it should be or rather at least perceived to be while you’re in the company”.

I work for a company well known in the Indian streets. As I stated before our company has a very strict culture when it comes to serving our customers and clients. So guess who suffers between the customers and the client, it’s obviously me (employee). I work in the Service department, so generally the client or the end-user both interact with me and no matter how harsh they are to me, I cannot for once be the same way they are to me because let’s face it, every company assumes their customers as god and no one back answers to god, or wants to upset the lord. We just do what they need, no matter even if it sounds completely stupid. We’ve standardized scripts to follow and guess what happens if we use our creativity, you get a memo for not being a robot and once you get 3 memos you are out of the company. Just in case you are wondering why do you work at such a boring workplace,  well we all do crazy things for a living if you’ve got no options at all. So here I am, doing my crazy little thing for a meal and a little shelter with my bonus as clothing.

Most come from reputed colleges holding a decent amount of education and with a lot of extracurricular talent. Having a bag full of trophies and certificates is always advantageous, is what they said while we grew up but little did we know that not all companies consider it.

Thus, in my opinion, work-culture might be effective for serving a large domain of public but it doesn’t bring in any major revenue to the company and once you get into this cycle of working just for the money, it takes a lot of courage to get out of it. It is very common that this work-culture is always in favor of the employer and the employee hardly has a say in it. What we need especially in the Indian economy to prosper is a healthy relationship between the employer and the employee and just the money won’t help because every company can pay his employees and furthermore everyone looks at the work environment when they apply for a job.

Effective way of keeping the work-culture balanced is activities, healthy competition, a say of the employer, feedback ad suggestion session or even just a small deed like giving a little concern to the employer by gifts and awards when they do well in their jobs and most importantly giving importance to the freedom, creativity, and innovation of the employee. Bangalore booming to become the IT HUB, indeed makes sure that whoever settles in doesn’t go back disheartened. Most companies in Bangalore no doubt make sure of the employee’s comfort, basic facilities like cab or pick up and drop, food discounts, vacation packages, the average amount of leaves as well as different packages of insurance for their employee’s. With this there will be a gradual balance in the relationship between the company and the employee and the work-culture with some standards of independence will bring a powerful revenue towards the company and also act as a boon to the success of the employee commitments towards the company.