JAN 07 2020

Bengaluru - A welcoming city.

Aafreen Mody

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Bengaluru - A welcoming city.

The onset of The Industrial Revolution took Bengaluru by storm. From being an agrarian-based culture of numerous cultures which landed up making everyone feel at home to hitting globalization at its very peak. Globalization and the rise of IT parks paved the way for people all over the country to come into the garden city, Bengaluru and make it their home.

Bangalore has many major product-based companies, IT Sectors, MNCs and numerous startups that are blooming within recent times. The thing about BENGALURU and its work culture is, it does not take away the life and work balance from people. Of course, it has many companies like Accenture and IBM who are very particular about their work and productivity, but they do not seem to make their employees life a living hell, filled with stress and work pressure.

Companies and workplaces today make sure to make their employees feel important and hence increase their productivity by offering them numerous benefits, good vacation packages, insurances, and incentives.

Bangalore is known as the Garden City and is currently popularly known as IT Hub also has an added benefit for the people residing here. The Weather-yes, indeed the weather is always an add on to everyone who comes to the city for their jobs as individuals or people who move in along with their families. The pleasant weather also helps in people being friendly and work in a calm environment. The weather and the large green cover of the city keeps the surroundings and the city cool and pleasant.

The city sees people all over the world coming in every single day and this really adds on to Bangalore's culture. The people of Bangalore are known to be very helpful and welcoming of outsiders and make them feel at home. From the chaiwala’s and the autowala’s to the CEOs of many majorly established companies and startups, everyone's welcoming, and they actually support and help them in mingling, settling in and adjusting with the people around them. The multilingual and multi-cultured people is indeed a boon to the successful coexistence of the employees at workplaces. People learn each other's cultures and traditions and are tolerant of each other with all due respect. Every workplace and management looks up to this aspect of the city's work culture because it helps them grow and develop conscience towards their employees.