JAN 24 2019

Professional Icebreaking Done The Right Way

TAGS : icebreaking, teambuilding, teamgames

Unity is strength is derived from the concept of teamwork and how that is beneficial to all parties involved. But the unity as a virtue does not come so easily and if you have ever worked in a team, you would know the magnanimous clashes which team members can have over mere issues and how disturbing the entire experience becomes if the team does not gel well with each other. However the solution is much smaller than the problem itself. People in a team suffer clashes because they do not know the other person well enough, i.e. to say that they do not know how the other person works which in turn leads to disagreements and clashes.

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NOV 12 2018

5 Tips on writing professional emails

TAGS : Commune, Communecoworks, Coworking, coworkingspace, emails, writing, professional

Writing professional emails is one thing which might seem to be an easy task, but when it comes to execution, many professionals seem to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Many times, the emails which are supposedly written to project confidence and sincerity ultimately end up looking boring and unnecessarily serious. To prevent this, many people write emails that gives away a frivolous attitude which ruins the professional approach towards one's work.

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OCT 24 2018

5 reasons why co-working is the future of office space

TAGS : Commune, Communecoworks, Coworkingspace, Coworking, Officespace

Over the years, there are thousands of co-working offices that have been built all across the globe. Many influencers consider co-working as the future of office spaces. Workers today mostly millennials are very flexible when it comes to working in an open space which allows them to explore various options with limited regulations.

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SEP 25 2018

5 reasons why Digital Marketing is the trending career choice for millennials

TAGS : Commune, Communecoworks, digitalmarketing, Career

The growth of Digital Marketing is in an upward direction in India since a couple of years and with its advancement, it is opening up gates to potential career growth for young millennials. If you are unsure whether or not, you should opt digital marketing as your career choice, then you might be on the right spot as we are listing down the top 5 reasons on why millennials should take up digital marketing as their career choice.

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