MAR 24 2017

How Can I Strike the Right Balance at a Coworking Space?

TAGS : coworking, bangalore, coworking in india

Whether you’re a coworker or the manager a coworking space, this article has tips for you to strike a balance in the coworking environment around you.

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MAR 16 2017

Why Coworking Beats Working From Home

TAGS : coworking, working from home, bangalore, india, coworking space, work, workspace

Coworking or working from home? The choice is clear. Read on to know the advantages of coworking.

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JAN 20 2017

5 Ways Coworking Helps You Loosen Up

TAGS : coworking

There’s nothing new about stress. If you’re a modern day professional – particularly someone who works at or runs a startup – you probably know stress better than anyone else. You don’t need someone to tell you how damaging stress can be – both professionally and personally. But somehow, all of us have accepted stress as an inevitable part of our daily lives. We think that without it, we cannot achieve the larger goals we’ve set for ourselves. But here’s some news: Stress is not a necessary evil, and you can combat it by simply adopting a slightly different way of working.

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