APR 17 2018

5 reasons why you should work in a coworking space

TAGS : Cowork, Communecoworks, Coworking, Reasons, Five, Healthy, Work, Proffesional, Freelancer, Freelancing

Coworking space gives you the ultimate comfort that most other work stations fail to provide. Check out the ultimate 5 reasons that make a coworking space an awesome place to work in!

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MAR 26 2018

5 sustainable ways to help our friendly animals during the summers

TAGS : animals, pets, summers, animalcare

Summers are a difficult time for everyone. Global warming is affecting greatly our ecospace. This summer let's be a little kind towards those who are suffering due to our negligence towards the environment. In a planet, where drinking water is already becoming a new concern, it is no news that it is also affecting the animals. With little contribution from everyone of us, we can make Earth a better and sustainable planet. But how? Let's find out:

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MAR 01 2018

6 Ways how to celebrate Holi in a Coworking Environment

TAGS : Holi, Celebration, Festival

What life would have been without a few colors. This Holi let's find out how to celebrate this amazing festival with your coworkers.

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NOV 23 2017

Introducing Dedollarization - how various economies are trying to break the dollar hegemony

TAGS : dollar, economy, interest rate, currency, United States, Beijing, Nicolas Maduro, President, Venezuelan

Is the US dollar losing it's value?

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