SEP 19 2019

Good Boss vs Bad Boss

TAGS : Leadership , teamwork

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AUG 29 2019

Work from Community Option

TAGS : WFH, WorkFromHome, Work, Home, Play, hustle

If you are a freelancer or someone who likes working in a calm environment rather than the hustle bustle of a normal corporate office, then you sure are not alien to the concept of Work From Home. As comforting as it sounds, the pace, attention span and the quality does go for a toss sometimes and might be out of no fault of your own. But what if you could work in a space where you would be left to yourself when you wanted and can network with others when you want or just have a good time within the space? Sounds disinteresting? Well rest assured, our Commune Coworks Community makes it interesting enough. But why should you choose to work from a Community rather than on your own?

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MAY 13 2019

Small Teams, Big Dreams

TAGS : small team, vision, dreams, entrepreneur

Any large scale company today started off as something small in the past, Apple, Google, Dell, Amazon and many others in fact started off from a garage with a small team. Looking at where they are today, it can be said safely that it does not matter how small your team is or your situations limitations are, all you need is a zeal to shine and will to thrive. But these are only some of the teams which made it big and make for a case of success story but there have been even more teams which have not.

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APR 26 2019

Connecting with Colleagues the CoWorking Way

TAGS : Coworks, Connecting, Networking

Joining a new place of work can be mentally tasking more than physically, because of our inherent fears of not fitting in or hitting it off with the new colleagues. But joining a coworking space for the first time is even more terrifying. The simple reason being that in case of normal offices, people might be working in different departments but for the same organization encountering the same clients and schedule so they have a lot in common, which is not the case for a coworking space. In a diverse coworking space it is even more difficult to gel with due to the diverse background of the floor. But that’s the entire point of a coworking space, NETWORKING

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