9 JUL 2017

Modern Calligraphy Workshop by BrushPlay

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Do beautifully written words always inspire you? Are you intrigued by the creative design potential of calligraphy? Want to be productive and creative on your off days? Then this Modern Calligraphy Workshop might be just be what you’re looking for!

Calligraphy, meaning beautiful writing, is the practice of treating handwritten script as an art form. In practice, calligraphy is the art of defining and executing lettering using a broad tipped instrument or a brush in single strokes. While it is a very ancient art, calligraphy remains popular for creating decorative documents, like invitations, certificates, and works of fine art.

Come see how it's done. Unleash your imagination and add a level of individuality to your hand to express gestural writing. This is going to be a fun, no-stress way for you to learn something new and do something worthwhile. It can be a personal pathway to explore an enormous array of sophisticated visual concepts.

Who is it for?
A small group workshop designed for beginner enthusiasts, to get people inspired about the joy of calligraphy in a relaxed & comfortable setting. We would be teaching the basics of the modern calligraphy technique using dip-nib pen & ink and learn the various letterings and strokes. You would also learn how to design a stock card with calligraphy.

What is included with registration?
No need to bring anything - all materials are supplied. 1 pen holder / 2 Nikko G steel nibs / Waterproof calligraphy ink / practice guideline sheets / card stocks are all included. You would also design a “Handmade Card” using the skills you have learned during the session.... all of this will be used both during class and to take home with you.

Anything Else?
The package also includes complementary refreshment and drinks.

Register here - https://goo.gl/wrJGbf


10:30 AM - 02:30 PM