6 MAY 2017

Personal & Business Branding Social Media for Your Advantage

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Brands & personal blogs often work tirelessly to leverage social media in order to boost online visibility and revenue. They want more clicks, more likes, and they want to create a positive user experience.

But what happens when a brand is a person instead of a company? When it’s just you, you need to take a different approach to growing your brand through social media. Since over 90% of customers trust information from people they know when making a purchase decision, building personal connections might be the most effective way to develop trust and authority with your audience.

Commune Coworks is excited to collaborate with the leaders of Influencer and Blogger marketing, The Rosé Media Group, to bring together an exciting and interactive workshop for all bloggers and entrepreneurs who want to grow their social media presence and carve a niche into the social media sphere.

Time to use the power of Social Media for your and your business' advantage in the most powerful & impactful way!

Tickets - Rs. 1790

Book here - http://bit.ly/2ovKyAP


03:30 PM - 06:30 PM